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Online marketing is considered to be the key to tough business

Online marketing helps businesses reach goals that traditional channels fail to deliver, such as low cost, high customer interoperability, and easy to manage and measure effective communication. Advertising message hit the target audience. However, in order to have a successful strategy, people need to understand each and every one of them in a flexible way.

Code Website

Service No.1 for Web design standard Seo

Today, the introduction of products and services on the internet is one of the fastest, most effective ways to reach customers. To do that, every individual or company needs to have one or more websites to become a channel for promoting products and services and protecting the brand of their business.

Websites are representative of the business on the internet - where the customer will recognize and remember your products and services. Businesses with more specialized websites will get a good impression, attract more customers. and have more sales opportunities. Good website design, customers will have confidence that your brand is worth more than the competition.

A good site must meet the following criteria:

1. High aesthetics, harmonious colors
2. Layout of the site is easy to see, easy to navigate when customers browse the web
3. Websites with fast access speed.
4. Integrate sales utilities such as chat rooms, contact forms, social networks
5. Easy to use website management system (updating, deleting and editing web content).

The above factors are just the basics that a website needs to have for the customer to know your website. In addition, the web must be designed in accordance with SEO standards to quickly achieve good rankings on the top search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, CocCoc ...

As such, your site will be easy for users to search for information about a product or service, which will help you grow your revenue and reach more potential customers in Vietnam. and the world ...

What is SEO standard website design?

Before the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...) rank your site on top then it must read, review what your site is, content tailored to the customers. any. So, for the search engines to evaluate a good website, it must adhere to the strict "codes and rules" that have been set up, the standard website design is SEO. that rule.

Web design standard SEO is to help the site is optimized (optimize the page, optimize the download speed, customer friendliness and search engine) help keywords on products, services, business , your company achieves high results on the search engines easily and quickly.

ADN-Media and SEO Standard Website Design

ADN-Media (AID Investment Development Co., Ltd) is a company specializing in Website Design, Marketing & Sale and other activities related to online brand communication with many years of active in the profession. Many websites have been designed according to the criteria of SEO standards of the leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo ... have brought satisfaction and peace of mind to customers when using website design services of ADN-Media

Highlights of our website design services:

+ Website design standards SEO, help quickly rank well in search engines.
+ The site is compatible with all devices like computers, mobile phones, tablets ...
+ Designed in accordance with the latest HTML 5 standard, compact, intuitive.
+ Website has a simple management system, easy to use, can be classified by each level of access.
+ Website is a lifetime warranty with our Hosting customers.
+ Free technical support 24/7 in use.

Professional website design process of ADN-Media:

1. Gather information about your web design needs.
2. Analyze and give suggestions and ideas to customers for approval
3. Exchange and sign a web design contract
4. Synthesis problems then bring to the programming room and web graphic design
5. Run demo, run the demo site for customer review and edit
Hand over and instruct the customer to use the website.

You are a business and you are selling your product by any method?

- Through the gallery?
- In the store?
- Salespeople constantly call to find customers?
- Along with the high cost of advertising for your product and brand?

But surely your employees and stores can not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can your ads be hard to tell to customers in your province when you are in Ho Chi Minh City?

All the above problems can be easily solved by simply building a professional website. So, do not hesitate to contact us now to own a website designed with professional SEO standards today.

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Seo Marketing

Service No.2 for Modern Marketing - Sales

For a long time, images of young people holding shampoos or a stack of marketing leaflets have become so familiar to us that it is tied to the two words "marketing." But now, that image is not as popular as before. So has marketing gone down?

The answer is absolutely not. In contrast, along with the continuous development of information technology, marketing is also gradually developing new forms of modern and effective: Marketing Online. However, to exploit effectively, best and sustainable Online Marketing, not all businesses know.

1. What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is a way of marketing the features of the Internet in order to ultimately distribute the product or service to the consumer market. Or simply say, Marketing Online is the way to market, promote products through the Internet. While traditional marketing channels are expensive and increasingly ineffective, online marketing is growing fast thanks to low cost, high efficiency.

As a form of marketing, Online Marketing is full of the characteristics of a common marketing form. Must also follow the standards of marketing in general, such as: Product - Price - Trade promotion - Consumption market.
The most obvious difference is probably the marketing environment. In the past, when it comes to marketing, people think of television commercials, billboards hanging on buildings, or closer to the images of students who click. House-to-house marketing. Now with Marketing Online, we will have a different view on the working environment of marketing. Just a personal computer, wherever you are, you can do your favorite marketing.

In addition, it is understandable that Online Marketing is a combination of marketing activities that use the Internet, can be divided into the basic areas: SEM / SEO, SMS marketing, Email marketing, Social marketing, .... Often, businesses will combine many marketing services online to bring the highest communication efficiency. According to the purpose and strategy must be appropriate and wise that can be successful Online Marketing. Even in the current general trend, individuals can also use the Social Media channel to promote the brand. and its products. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest ... are ideal environments for both individual and corporate businesses. For small business individuals, the question they ask is why open a store. With the cost of land, electricity, hiring costs and a myriad of other expenses, while being able to do business online. And of course, this also makes advertising on the MXH channels more exciting than ever.

2. Why Should You Choose Marketing Tools Online?

Opportunity to exploit a potential market

More than 90% of Internet users in Vietnam use Google to search for information, products, download documents ... and most only click on the search results displayed in the first position of page 1 Google .
- Vietnam ranks third in the world in terms of online video viewership at 85%, after Saudi Arabia (97%) and China (92%).
- The proportion of mobile users and smartphones is increasing rapidly. Vietnam is the second largest country in terms of smartphone growth.
- 95% of Internet users have email accounts and they view email an average of 5 times per week.
- Mobile applications evolve quickly, thus creating a great opportunity for advertising and reaching customers on app stores.

Highlights of online marketing

- Reach customers quickly, just run the campaign, you can immediately measure the level of its effectiveness.
- Save time, the time you go out, travel, customers still visit your website and use your product or service.
- Cost is much lower than traditional marketing but ROI conversion ratio (return on investment costs) is high.
- As a marketing channel, online sales are very effective for small and medium enterprises.
- Easy to operate and manage, those who do not learn about IT can still do good online marketing.
Get accurate statistics and analysis about how many customers are exposed, where they are on the website, what they need, how many times they view your product or article and how many people interact with it. that product.

The advantages of online trading
Customers increasingly understand the benefits of online shopping such as:
- Easy to find information, compare prices.
- Save time when shopping.
- Easily select from many reputable websites.
- Buying products cheaper than buying at the store.
- Save on travel expenses.
- Buy whenever and wherever not limited to time, space.

However, the more difficult marketing day and not spend money on advertising you can succeed. Because the:

- The competition environment is increasingly fierce. More and more people participate in advertising to increase costs. If you only know the basics of advertising, then you can not optimize effectively.
- Customers are more selective and frequently consulted before buying. Therefore, it is a good strategy to keep track of guests.
- Most of the partners focus on advertising channels, how to achieve interactive commitments without the overall strategy to help businesses increase sales.

3. What can we do for you?

ADN-Media offers an overall, cost-effective marketing solution that will help you increase your revenue sustainably. Simultaneously work seamlessly with customers to build, optimize to create strategies tailored to each customer. Our solutions include:

• Analyze & develop advertising strategies.
• Web design standard SEO, SEO top Google.
• Develop a Facebook channel.
• Google Adwords.
• Email marketing

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Over Design

Service No.3 for Brand identity design

For your business to succeed and build a successful brand, brand identity is an extremely important factor indispensable.

Brand Identityis all the visible elements of the brand Logo, slogan, office identity, identity at the point of sale... These elements work together to help distinguish one brand from another in the mind of customer .

With a comprehensive branding design service package, Grace Media will ensure the success of your branded identity building project with a consistent, consistent image recognition system. Professionalism in the mind of the customer.

Benefits of brand identity design:

- Brand Identity:With a constant and continuous presence, the identifier will be recognized and remembered by consumers, and a successful identifier when promoting the image and brand of the business. That means your business will be better known, the brand will be recognized and the product will be popular.
- Strengthening trust:A quality and popular brand will create strong trust in customers, businesses and potential partners. It will be easier for businesses to call for capital, raise their self-esteem and trust the brand. That will boost the market share of the product.
- Increasing Competitive Advantage: In a diversified business market, products of the same type as your business are numerous. You want to increase your product competitiveness not only through: price, quality, service .... but also strongly brand, brand identity.
- Reduce Advertising Costs:The products of the business, delivered to customers, accompanied by the brand identity, the product will be advertised indirectly, help businesses save. advertising costs.

Basic requirements of a brand identity

- Logo:Use simple colors, bright colors, eye-catching images, easy-to-distinguish and recognizable logos to match your business.
- Website: Every business should design a professional website to introduce details about the products and services they provide, the color is similar to the main color of the logo.
- Office Identifiers: Namecards, posters, folders ... must have detailed but simple identification designs, appropriate colors, logical representations of words and pictures.
- Slogan: Business spokespeople need to think carefully, be easy to remember, avoid too long, overlap other brands or overpay because it will be counterproductive.
- Difference:For a brand, the difference is the highlight. In a business market you should not copy any brand at all, use your own differences to influence the perception of consumers, increase the competitiveness of the business.
- Cohesion:Identifiers are the result of years of business activity associated with the product and brand, so all messages must be unified and closely linked. It not only reaffirmed the professionalism but also the reputation and image of the business.
- Spotlight:Each brand should create a focal point, which means that your product is different, unique in the eyes of customers. In a business market, you have to change to be more different or you will be as mediocre as other businesses so give yourself a strong point.

Categories Branding design of ADN-Media include:

Brand identity

    - Name the brand
    - Creating slogans
    - Logo design
    - Subject heading
    - Bill
    - Letter paper
    - Employee identification card
    - Uniform Resource Locator
    - Envelop

Identify the brand on the product

    - Packaging design
    - Warranty
    - Stamp sticker on the product
    - The right to use the product

Identify brand outdoor products

    - Banners
    - Billboard
    - Agent badge
    - Signage in front of the office
    - Company logo

Identify the marketing brand

    - Catalogue
    - Brochure
    - Flyers and flyers
    - Capacity profile
     - Website
    - Commercial video

The process of designing a brand identity

- Consulting services:Based on the problems of the brand, the consultants of ADN-Media will help consult and recommend services to suit each request.
- Learn about branding: We will send you an effective form to provide you with necessary branding information to help with the design process.
- Design ideas: Based on input data and expert knowledge and brand design experience, the team of experts will suggest design ideas. The design ideas are clearly presented and put in practical applications to make it easy for you to decide.
- Complete design:After the design ideas have been chosen, we complete the design.
- Guide use:The final design is presented as a guideline for long-term use in corporate communications.

If you need help for your branding consultant as well as designing a brand identity or smaller logo design for your business, trust us. Brand experts ADN-Grace will analyze and offer advice on how to design an impressive, memorable brand identity so that customers always recognize you wherever they are. At the same time help your brand grow in the Vietnamese market and reach out to foreign markets.

Our Join v

Service No.4 for Specialized sales associates

Website is the product of technology. A website grows, so the change in performance during the course of the operation. A website development that helps change performance during operation. Some great ecommerce models are technically part of the site.  


Currently the biggest problem that customers face is the site is very difficult to use, not able to upgrade, technical units can not upgrade when needed. Finally, the site was forced to delete and rebuild. This is a waste of time, especially business opportunities. To solve this problem, customers need to select experienced web designers, signed a long-term cooperation agreement with specific terms.  


In-depth cooperation of ADN-Media has the following characteristics:  

- There are technical, technology specific to the website.

- Technical work in the office of the Customer.

- Unlimited upgrades.

- No additional costs other than the signed contract.   With years of experience in website design, our expert team has created many well-known ecommerce sites and we believe we will create more profitable websites for our customers. and the whole community.


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